Ever wanted to give the gift of recording to someone you know? Why not buy them recording time in a studio for their birthday or as a holiday present?
  Are you a band or artist looking to sell recordings at your live shows?
  Do you know someone that has the ambition to pursue their talents professionally, but need a demo recording?
  Do you have an audition that requires submitting a recording of your performance?
  Would you like to record your church group for fundraising or posterity?
  Ever consider having a recording made of you child's/student's music recital performance that they have worked so hard for?
  Do you have a naturally great speaking voice and would like to record an audio book?
  Would you like to convert your older records to CD or mp3s?


Here at DTS, we provide multi-track and remote recording, mixing, and mastering services including: voice-over, vocal overdubbing, midi-editing, commercial recordings, media transfers, audition demos, first-time recording clients, stem-mixing, solo artist material, in addition to traditional band or group related projects. Please feel free to contact us regarding anything not listed.

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RECORDING - Multi-track studio and remote location recording capturing the very best of performances in a relaxed, fun-filled environment. We listen carefully to what the artist's goal is and use our skill and experience to make that a reality!

MIXING - Where the "magic" happens! Your individual recordings are carefully scrutinized, analyzed, and edited to your satisfaction. This is when creative decisions are made with "serving the song" as the main priority!

MASTERING - "The Big Picture!" A vital phase of the recording studio process. With the help of the engineer, we sonically focus on your individual recordings as a whole ensuring continuity and consistency by the latest audio standards. Your recordings won't just sound better... they will sound correct!

PRODUCTION - Whether new to your craft or a seasoned veteran, we have the ability to assist you with any creative decisions that may come your way with your project. DTS also offers digital media conversion and copying services in a variety of formats as well as graphic design/editing capabilities to complete your project!