Preparing for College Music Auditions

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College Music Auditions

It’s that special time of year again, where music student hopefuls are getting ready to audition for music programs at their colleges of choice. Nothing can be more nerve wracking. After choosing songs that are appropriate for the audition last year, you’ve become one with these songs. You own them. You’ve not just memorized them, but made them artistically sound, made every single mistake you can possibly make in the song, ate, slept, and breathed these songs. Now with the big day(s) quickly approaching you are still wondering if they’re good enough. Will I get in? Am I good enough to get a scholarship with these songs? You’ve played these songs for any friend who will listen, and for your family ad naDTS028useam. You are ready! What’s left to do?

First of all, make sure you have purchased copies of your songs to bring with you for the judges; they do not want to see photo copies. Remember that’s illegal. Sleep (haha) the night before the audition. Also there is something to be said about over practicing before going into the audition room. Relax, don’t over do it. Do not travel far on the day of the audition; stay at a hotel if you must. Arrive on time, dressed nicely, all the things a parent would typically tell you to do. Breath before you perform. Thank the judges! If you have to record your auditions or send in a prescreening make sure you use a decent uncut recording. Most of all, do not alter the recording in any way with reverb, chorus, or (gasp) autotune.

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