Motivation! If You Want It Later, Do It Now!

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Julie at CBGB music venue
Me at CBGB’s in 2000. I’ll never regret playing there, but I do regret dying my hair black and then perming it.

The number one thing adults tell me when they find out I’m a music teacher is, “I wish I had practiced my instrument when I was younger”. We, as adults, did not have patience or clarity when we were younger. Some of us had the drive to be the best, or really enjoyed the sound of their instrument, or had nothing better to do, or had strict parents who made us practice. I kind of had a combination of all of the above. I know I didn’t practice enough to be the “best” but I practiced enough to not regret the past. I practiced enough to not embarrass myself in marching band, get into music college, perform in several bands, start my studio, and make a decent living at music. I did not have the clarity or foresight to see that it would be harder later on in life to find time to practice, or learn other instruments, or even have the energy to dance around the house like I was able to do five years ago. I can’t crash on a buddy’s floor or couch anymore without back pain the next day. I can’t eat two fast food meals in a row without dire intestinal consequences. I’ll spare the details. I have to spend way more time in front of the mirror to get ready for a gig than before time marched it’s ugly ass across my face. Turbulence while flying used to be like “whee this is a fun adventure we survived!” and now it’s like “dear God get me a barf bag, this is a nightmare, get me off this plane now before we die!”. I have to actually take care of myself now, and the loved ones around me. Time is going way faster than it ever has before and we are running out of time!

My Opi (German grandfather) used to tell me, “Youth is Wasted on the Youth”, though I think this phrase is credited to being Bernard Shaw’s. So I took a look around the internets and found there are actually several songs with the same title. Bands like Young Galaxy (my favorite), The Architects, Augustana, and The Troubles all have a song bearing this title. I suggest you give them all a listen. The point is, whatever you want to do, do it now! Set your dreams in motion now! Do not wait for that opportunity to come to you because it won’t! GO GET IT! There is no such thing as talent, just hard work. There is very little good luck out there, just hard work. Sometimes hard work doesn’t pay off…that’s another little thing you learn as an adult, but you will never regret the hard work you put in later in life.

Ok, so here’s the opportunity you have right now. If you want to learn an instrument, call me or any teacher nearest you. If you want to record in the studio, call me or any studio nearest you. Get ready! Practice! Do it now! Do not WAIT! NO REGRETS! GO!

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this is Julie Schmidt Braeckman signing off for now.

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