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Get deals

Briefly stated

  • Music Xray matches your songs to industry opportunities at no cost.
  • Then, we give you direct access to the decision makers.
  • Then, we GUARANTEE they listen and respond.
  • When you get deals, you keep all the money and Music Xray never touches your rights.
Plus, Music Xray provides advanced song monitoring and analytics.

Learn the potential of your track and the steps you need to take to reach it.

See customized recommended next steps to help guide you through the industry and plan your next actions.


Get fans

File When you use Music Xray to target fans, we identify potential fans of your music, play your song for them, and ask them to become direct fans of yours.

We even pre-match your songs to potential fans that have similar taste preferences.

Then, we provide you with their email address and we even encourage them to tip you real money.

Only Music xray’s Fan Targeting service actually guarantee’s that 100% of these fans listen and then helps you target, engage and monetize new fans you may never have been exposed to otherwise.

Get better

On Music Xray, there are really only two kinds of musicians; those who get deals and fans and those who don’t. The only difference between them is their music.

If the site isn’t working for you, chances are you need to make some improvements and/or adjustments.

Music Xray enables you to get in touch directly with senior industry professionals, Grammy-winning producers, hit songwriters, top composers, and the occasional celebrity artist who are on the site just to give you professional feedback on your music, career coaching, and submission strategy advice.

See who some of them are offering professional song critiques here and some who are offering specialized career coaching here.

You can get deals, get fans, and get better the old school way but it will take you a long time and cost you a lot of money. While you network, locate possible deals, follow up, and find your way, you have to eat, pay rent, and waste valuable time that could be better invested.

Music Xray helps you get these things done at the click of a button and let’s you use your time to make great music.

Welcome to Music Xray — The Music Xray team

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