Established in 2005 in Bordentown New Jersey, DTS Recording Studio (formerly DauntingTask Studios) represents the culmination and passion for music, art, performing, composing, teaching, engineering & recording. Initially created as a music teaching/recording hybrid entity, the studio now primarily focuses its attention toward recording clients by providing great quality attention to detail recording at an affordable rate.

Dan-Julie Gray photo

Musician, performer, audio engineer, editor, producer and graphic artist, Breckman has been involved with and around music for 40 years. His passion to recreate songs on piano at an early age has lead to and been the basis of his desire to seek out and learn all things music performance, song composing and recording. His years of classical piano training became the catalyst for his natural progression as a song writer and performer. Music recitals, school band concerts and musicals all had a significant role in his becoming a performing musician with several bands and projects throughout the Philadelphia/New York metropolitan area. Years of performing cover and original material resulted in his recording at several well-know recording facilities including The Warehouse of Philadelphia, as well as studying the intricacies of studio recording with several prominent engineers in the area. As with most musicians, the experience of performing and recording, often leads to the inevitable condition (and some would say addiction) known as being a “Gearoholic”! Once bitten, it’s quite hard to quit.

Breckman’s self-taught work ethic, meticulous nature, self-proclaimed affinity for audio gear/equipment, understanding of audio engineering and how music and songs are recorded, eventually led to his constructing several recording studios at different locations throughout the years in which he learned specialized techniques and skills such as: building construction, hvac, electrical engineering, acoustical engineering and sound proofing. He also holds a certificate in Digital Art and Multimedia Design from La Salle University. A more recent endeavor of his has been switching from keyboardist to drummer (over 10 years), performing live (with his wife, Julie) in the contemporary Christian rock band “Our Saving Grace”. His time is currently spent devoted in the studio tracking clients, eagerly anticipating those next goose bumps and memorable studio moments.

Musician, vocalist, performer, instructor, choir and musical director, Julie has been involved with music her entire life. Aside being classically trained as a pianist, Julie also studied guitar, organ, and played flute during her high school marching band which went on to perform in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in NYC. Aspiring to teach music as a career, Julie received her Bachelor’s of Music from The College of New Jersey in 1997. She then opened her private studio teaching piano, guitar and vocals. Julie also acquired a choir directing position with a local Presbyterian church in which she spent several years developing a youth choir which later became a praise band. Having the desire to stretch her musicianship skills even further, Julie spent a few years as the singer/keyboardist of a local original band which performed many times throughout Philadelphia, New York and Washington DC.It was during this time that she managed to hone her craft as a performing musician by contributing towards composing and recording original material.

Julie’s devotion to her business, professionalism and self-marketability further increased her successfulness as she steadily developed her lesson instruction of over 50 students per week for several years. Taking an initiative, Julie and her husband, Dan were awarded a grant from the National Association of Self Employed to help fund the studio’s construction. Another turn of events would transpire around this time that would shape Julie both professionally, and personally. She began part-time employment with a special needs school district as a music teacher for troubled and disabled students. She quickly gained the admiration and respect of students and fellow colleagues by enriching students’souls musically, and kindly warming their hearts in many ways. After advancing to senior high school music instructor, Julie used her own marching band experience and created the school’s first ever drum line with immediate acceptance. Her work was recognized by winning the NJEA Frederick L. Hipp Foundation for Excellence in Education award 2011 and 2012 for the creation of Drum Line for Students with Disabilities. Not one to easily be content in her professional life, Julie earned her Masters degree in Educational Leadership in Instruction from The College of New Jersey 2016. Her most recent hat she wears is that of business partner, session musician and office manager for DTS Recording Studio.